Nike and the Silver Screen


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Fashion and cinema have gone hand in hand over the years from the red carpet to the style of characters in films. Some of the most iconic moments in cinema are synonymous with the clothes on screen and in an age when celebrity is king, it is important for brands to be seen.

One brand that has been ahead of the pack for some years when it comes to their famous trademark being seen on screen is Nike. The Nike Swoosh has been there in a number of films and we thought we would take a minute to pay tribute to some of our favourite Nike film scenes.

Being an 80’s kid myself most of these are going to be taken from that golden era that has most recently been recreated in the blockbuster IT as well as TV’s Stranger Things (more of that later).

1. The Goonies

The Goonies is an 80’s classic, that is not up for debate. There can’t be many 80’s kids that didn’t harbour a secret fantasy about finding a map and going on an adventure. The film is still so popular that talk of a remake featuring the original cast is never far away.

Back to the topic at hand though. The Goonies features a number of classic Nike trainers including Data’s modified Nike Sky Force High Tops, Brandon’s (Josh Brolin) Nike Vandal and Chunk’s Nike Terra among others.

The film captures childhood 80’s like no other film of the era and the fact that the majority of the kids are wearing Nike tells you something about the popularity of the brand at the time and how astute the company were in getting their product such great placement.

2. Back to the Future

I am definitely going to talk about the futuristic Nike Mags, you know the self lacing ones? Wrong, if I had said Back to the Future 2 I might have talked about them but I am going to be talking about the Nike Bruin that Marty wears.

Nike’s first basketball trainer, Nike Bruin were launched in 1972 and proved popular, even more so after being worn in Back to the Future. Now, remember I said I would mention Stranger Things again, well here it is. The loveable jock Steve Harrington is seen wearing Nike Bruin which is a nod to Back to the Future.

3. The breakfast Club

Another classic 80’s movie and another classic pair of Nikes. The character of Brian Johnson played by Anthony Michael Hall is seen sporting a pair of Nike Internationalist in the film. Despite being distance running trainers, they achieved a degree of popularity after featuring in this film.

4. Forrest Gump

We have now crept into the 90’s, 1994 to be exact and the trainers that saw a rerelease in 2015 are the classic Nike Cortez.

Initially launched in 1972, the trainer has been reissued with some sneaker freaks lamenting the fact that people like me associate it with Forrest Gump because, well, because Gump’s trainers were the ’77 edition and different from these but who are we to let facts get in the way of a good story.

These are just a few examples of some of the great Nike cameos in films and a great example of the reach that this brand has.

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